powered roller conveyor
Turning machine
Hydraulic lifting table
Belt conveyor
unpowered roller conveyor
4-station bridge loader
It suitable for high quality surface plate to achieve automatic up-down.
FQ-LMJT2 4-pillar discharger
FQ-LMJ4 4-station bridge loader
FQ-LMJ3 3-station bridge loader
FQ-SLJ24 4-pillar discharger
powered roller conveyor
Smooth and flexible in driving.
Leg height can be adjustable.
FQ-ZXJB90 Vertical and horizontal type powered ground roller machine
FQ-ZYJX1350 Powered slanting roller table
FQ-ZXDGB1328 Heavy-duty powered ground roller machine
FQ-DLG1330 3-rows heavy-duty powered ground roller machine
Powered roller table coated with rubber
Turning machine
Cone-roller type turning machine
FQ-HFBJ24 Horizontal turner
FQ-ZXJA90 Cone-roller type turning machine
FQ-YFBJ24 Cylinder-type turner
FQ-ZXJB90 Cone-roller type turning machine
Hydraulic lifting table
3T hydraulic lifting table
Used in different height between the operation of the transfer.
FQ-SJF-3T 3T hydraulic lifting table
SJT-G-1 1T Fixed roller lifting table
FQ-SJJ-E-3T 3T - E type lifting table
FQ-SJJ-E-1.5T 1.5T-E type lifting table
Belt conveyor
FQ-PDJ 1330
WC type No power roller conveyor line for packing
WJ No power roller conveyor
WJ-1 No power roller conveyor line for packing
WXQ All-direction ball table
Other products
Powered belt conveyor
unpowered roller conveyor
Smooth and flexible in driving.Leg height can be adjustable.
ZPC-C Roller rail rotary trolley
YYC-C C roller rail trolley
YYC-CC Hand-push rail conveyor trolley
SZPC-C Double-row roller rail rotary trolley
No power roller conveyor line
No power Roller
Suitable for transportation of  various industries.
Plastic shaft seat, maximum speed  up to 120m/min

Sprocket Roller
No power Roller
Roller  with Rubber covered
Lathes Roller
Served countries
Domestic area
Technical patents
Solutions for automatic furniture production
We try to shorten customers’production period and increase the production capacity.

Automation · Leader

Guangdong Fortran Machinery Co., Ltd. is a full set of mechanical structure design, software development both technology-oriented enterprises, is the level of automation and technical strength, large-scale production of one of the enterprises.

Fortran with many international brands and national institutions to establish long-term technical and strategic cooperation...


30 thousands square

meters factory.

This year Fortran completed the target in time, which expanded to 30,000 square meters and hatched four major manufacturing bases such as lifting table, un-powered conveyor line, coating and automatic assembly division. We are confident to offer a better service to our customers.


Honor is encouragement for us.

which inspires us continuously progress and improve ourselves.

·  24 technician patents.

·  ISO Quality Certification. ·  CE Certification. ·  Member of Guangdong Customized furniture Association ·  Member unit of Sichuan Third Industry Association ·  Council Members of LunJiao Woodworking Machinery Association

Convergence platform covering industry information
Industry dynamic sharing, news and information express, industry dry goods selection,
customer site assembly

From the last 15 years, we developed a lots of applications to design furniture production line.

Intelligent manufacturing – We customize automatic production line for every clients and bring them

International quality-We are trying our best to make sure the quality of our products.

We spent fifteen years to rise in the market and firstly establish
the "pyramid" standard for autom

We are trying our best to make sure the quality of our products.

We spent fifteen years to rise in the market and firstly establish.


We establish technical standards for automatic furniture production.

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Automatic Edge banding
Automatic drilling machine
Automatic sanding machine
Automatic CNC saw
Automatic engraving
Automatic sawing and milling

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